• How you can hire our services

    As you can hire any of our packages

  • HandsWeb helps you integrate your logo

    In HandsWeb we think about the user without design skills, for that we try to facilitate the creation of the Web in all aspects and we give the opportunity to offer our design service to our customers to integrate their logo into your Web project .

  • The 1.1 is now available

    Here we detail the enhancements available in the latest update.

  • A gift for your loyalty.

    Due to the volume of downloads are getting HandsWeb we give to our users with a long free trial of its Web publishing on the Internet so that anyone who wants it, to see how your web is on the Internet through a computer or any other device.

  • New in 1.1

    Here we detail the modifications made to improve the app on 1.1 version. Coming soon on App Store

  • How do I modify the header of my website?

    In this tutorial we show you simple steps to modify the header of your website, customizing an easy way to your design.

  • How to fill in the Preferences section?

    In the preferences section, you can choose the sub-domain you want to choose to publish your website, put your links to Facebook or Twitter, page title, etc.. In this tutorial we show you how.

  • How do I create a form of contact?

    Simple tutorial to create a form. Once uploaded the website on the internet, remember that when they fill out this form to mail that will have in preference when registering.

  • How I can edit the web pages?

    Here we show a video tutorial of how to edit a page Handsweb. In this video tutorial we will see how add items, rearrange columns, edit text and change pictures. All with a few simple steps.

  • How I can change my template?

    In this tutorial we explain how easy it is to change the template to give the image you want to your website. Remember that you can change the template as many times as you want because the content will always be adapted to all templates.

  • How do I delete and add pages on the web?

    Tutorial explaining how to add or delete pages from the web, remember that you can put as many points as your template supports. Do not forget that the "Home" is informative when you're customizing your website you can delete it.